Meet the Paraíso dos Lençóis

The Paraíso dos Lençóis is located in Lençóis Barreirinhas on Avenida Joaquim Soeiro de Carvalho, 117, in the state of Maranhão. It is a family run guesthouse which arises from a common dream, as we believe that one of the best investments in life is pleasure in traveling, meeting new people, places, cultures, cuisine.

The idea of ​​building was born on December 14, 2009, during a few visits to the Maranhenses National Park, unique place in the world, which soon became our biggest dream and target.

It is these factors that drove us to choose the city of Barreirinhas as our headquarters, leading to the city sustainable regional development.






Barreirinhas is a municipality in the state of Maranhão , located 272 km from São Luis , the state capital , with an estimated 54,930 inhabitants ( 2010 Census ) population , the District of Barreirinhas was created on June 14, 1871 , by Provincial Law 951 ° , and their emancipation occurred on March 29, 1938 , through Law No. 45 , the date that marks the anniversary of the city , is situated on the river Laziness , which has 120 km long and has a fauna and flora quite diverse , and use it as a food source , the Sloths Rio has a great importance for transport , recreation and tourism.
The municipality of Barreirinhas is known for housing the National Park Maranhenses , which is considered one of the natural wonders of the world , or as the “gateway ” of Maranhenses , which comprises a vast area of ​​high dunes of white sand, the lakes and ponds that form during the rainy season , also known as Australian Desert . The municipality is the main access to the park from the sheets , the potential involving the excellent climate , with average annual temperatures of 26 º C and average relative humidity ranging 74-86 .

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Access to the park by land from St. Louis takes the highways BR – 135 and MA – 402, the Translitorânea in 272 km of paved roads until Barriers .

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The National Park Maranhenses , also known as ” The Brazilian Wilderness,” is characterized by a vast desert of white sand dunes extended . Coloring this immense desert there are thousands of lakes of sweet , crystal clear waters , formed by rainwater , some even 2 kilometers in length , ranging from bright green to deep blue as well .
The best time to visit the Maranhenses is from May to September , during which the ponds are full . The National Park Maranhenses is a unique attraction worldwide . At any time of the year is a must see attraction , a gift of nature . From January to June there is the rainy season covering the depressions between the dunes of the park with an array of refreshing lakes , and at the end of the period , the ponds are completely filled . By August you can enjoy this desert with thousands of lakes . From September to December the landscape is unique . A great desert sands alvíssimas . So visit the Park and Barreirinhas is possible at any time of year : a time and a desert oasis to another . Just choose what you prefer.

Source : Wikipedia