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Pousada Paraíso dos Lençóis is a guesthouse that arises from a common dream, since we believe that one of the best investments of my life is the pleasure to travel,meet new people, places, cultures and cuisine.
The idea of the construction comes on 2009 December 14, during some visits to the National Park of Lençóis Maranhenses, unique place in the world, which soon became our biggest dream and target. After a long journey between projects and work finally on 2013 November 30 Pousada Paraiso on the sheet is opened inBarreirinhas, leading to a sustainable development.


  • Provide tourists a good time, based on a quality care at a fair price;
  • To offer our employees the opportunity for professional and personal development, so that they have pleased and proud to be a part of the company;
  • To contribute to the sustainable development for our city;


  • To consolidate itself as one of the main Inns of Barreirinhas and the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.
  • Expand our activities to other havens of the Brazilian Northeast.


  • Provide a pleasant and comfortable, with excellent reception, as well as providing all the information and assistance necessary to meet the aspirations of the tourists and other customers;
  • Get improvement in conditions in support of tourism and local businesses;
  • Stimulate and run the regional sustainable development;
  • Support the public agencies on prevention and maintenance of natural resources, so that they are not destabilized the local environmental conditions;

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The Inn has 22 comfortable suites, composed of a Queen size bed and/or single with bagged Springs mattresses, LED tv with satellite dish, Split type air conditioner, refrigerator and electric shower. WIFI access throughout the Inn.

There is a beautiful garden with a summerhouse with hammocks where you can restand relax.

The Inn has a store that you can find various travel products and local handicrafts.
Our start at 13:00 daily and finish at 11:00 the next day. The breakfast is included in the daily value. We work with different prices for high and low season.
Consult us to know values.

High Season:

Low Season:

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Start your day, our dining room is air conditioned and offer a tasty breakfast with fresh fruits, juices, breads, tapioca, cakes, couscous,  among others.

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LARGE SHEETS (Grandes Lençóis): held in 4 x 4 vehicle, with several scripts: Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Bonita, fish, pond of hope, Atins, Sto Amaro and Delta in the Americas. Because the pathof trails and hiking in the dunes the degree of difficulty of the tours is medium and high.

Length of walks: 4 to 10 hours varies.

SMALL SHEETS (Pequenos Lençóis): held in flight or quad, going by the Prequiças River or through the dunes, with a stop in Brooms, Mandacarú and Buff. Without difficulty by the riverand ATV adventure.

Duration of 6 to 8 hours.

FLOAT CROSS: performed in the morning, path of trails in 4 x 4 vehicle, in favourable to children.

CULTURAL TOUR: duration of 8:00, to visit the production of local crafts and home of the flour.

Without difficulty, motorboat ride across the Preguiças river.

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    Telefone comercial:
    +55 98 3042-2678
    +55 98 99981-2980 - WhatsApp
    +55 98 98835-6753

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    Address: Av. Joaquim Soeiro, n. 117. Barreirinhas, Maranhão, Brazil. ZIP CODE65590000